How to Choose the Right Type of Bimini Top for Your Pontoon

10 October 2017
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When it comes to a weekend of rest and relaxation, nothing could be better than some time on a pontoon boat with friends and family. If you are planning this type of activity for the season ahead, you'll want to make sure that you have everything ready and all the necessary equipment in place for some epic adventure. However, don't forget that you need some protection from the unrelenting Australian sun as well and consider what type of shade you will require to keep everybody safe from those UV rays. What type of Bimini top do you need for your pontoon boat?

How to Make a Choice

You may already have been amazed by the number of choices available to you when it comes to fitting out your new pontoon boat and may be even more surprised to see how many boat cover options are available, as well. So, before you make that all-important purchase, consider what's important to you so that you can narrow down accordingly.

Four Things to Consider

You have four different factors to take into account and will need to put them in order of importance according to your particular situation.


Firstly, you'll want the solution to be effective and to do its job and will need to choose a solution according to the size of the boat and the number of people you will welcome aboard.

Ease of Use

Next, have a look at the cover based on its practicality and ease-of-use. How easy is it to put up and down during the changeable Australian weather?


How often do you intend to use your boat and is this going to be a regular feature of the summer season? If so, you need to consider durability as you make your choice, so that you get value for money and don't have to worry about in-season repairs.

You will also have to think about the prevailing weather conditions in your area and ask yourself if the cover in question is likely to hold up against high wind speeds, should this be the case. Think carefully about this, especially if you are thinking about buying an option from the lower end of the budget range. There's nothing more annoying than a cover that shakes at high speeds or in certain wind conditions.


Lastly and most importantly for some of course, you need to factor in the cost.

Making the Decision

Get together with those who will be sailing with you and come up with some ideas. Then, have a word with your supplier to finalise your choice, so that you make the right decision for your all-important leisure activities ahead.