A Quick Guide to Important Features on a Firearm

4 August 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you're new to the firearms market, you need to learn about all the features you'll find on a gun before shopping, as it's easy to mistakenly assume that a larger handgun is somehow better, or to have your heart set on a type of gun you've seen in movies, but which may not work very well for you in real life. Note a few important features on a gun to consider, so you know you come home with a firearm that will work as you expect:


You may already know that the recoil refers to how strongly the gun pushes back at you when it's fired, but may not realize that most guns will advertise the force of that recoil, and that you should consider this measurement when making a purchasing decision. Opt for something with a less forceful recoil if you lack upper body strength, and if you're new to shooting, as it's easy for first-time gun owners to get injured from a gun's recoil. Also, note that a very strong recoil of a hunting rifle can leave bruises on your shoulder or collarbone if you tend to rest the rifle on your upper body when shooting.

Automatic, semi-automatic and single shot

An automatic weapon is one that repeatedly fires when you hold the trigger; semi-automatic means that you need to pull the trigger each time you want the weapon to fire. A single shot is as it sounds; you need to reload the weapon after every pull of the trigger. Single shot is a favourite choice for a hunting rifle, as having only one bullet in the gun makes it lightweight and easy to aim.

Automatic weapons may be very dangerous and more difficult to control, and may not even be legal in your area; be sure you've checked on any such restrictions before buying this type of weapon. A semi-automatic pistol may be good for home security, as it offers maximum control over your aim but without having to consistently reload.

Bore axis

The bore axis is the area down the barrel of the gun. A gun with a high bore axis sits higher, away from the trigger, so there is more room between the gun barrel and your hand. This type of gun is a good choice for first-time gun owners, as the barrel of a gun slides back to reload and may easily cut your hand if you're not holding it properly. That added space between your hand and the barrel can then mean less risk of suffering those cuts.

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